Jultomten: Sweden

Scandinavia is known for its elves and gnomes throughout the year as protectors of 'hearth & home'.
This one, Jultomten is typical of a Scandinavian elf at Christmas. Another is Yulenisse or Nisse of Denmark and Norway.

However, at times, these characters can get up to mischief! For instance, Julnisse of Denmark is bribed with a serving of the traditional rice pudding to keep him out of trouble. Jultomten also had to be bribed to perform his favours. He is noted for his long white beard and traveling by sleigh drawn by the Julbock, the Swedish 'Christmas Goat'.

13" (35 cm) - $205
24" (66 cm) - $405 (by order only)
Tomten in a red cap and long white beard