Ded Moroz
(Grandfather Frost): Festive
1917 Soviet Russia

The Communist Revolution in 1917 intended this elderly gentleman to be a replacement for all local gift-bringers and the Christmas legends of pre-Soviet Russia. He brought gifts at New Year's instead of Christmas Eve as Kolyada (Father Christmas ) had done. The celebration of Baboushka at Epiphany was also suppressed. However, Grandfather Frost was resisted by the people and regarded as a symbol of Russian oppression instead.

In 1937, Josef Stalin ordered that his costume be in blue or silver so as not to be linked to Santa Claus in red.

A character portraying Ded Moroz lives in Veliky Ustyug, 500 miles north-east of Moscow along with his grand daughter Snegurochka (Snow Maiden). They can be visited for New Year's celebrations.The pair, Granfather and grand daughter, also attend school and community festivities at New Year's.

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Ded Moroz in a blue fur trimmed coat