Germany, Central Europe

The gift-bringer replacing St. Nicholas after the Protestant Reformation was the Christ child. This figure, of course, could not be personified in Christmas pageants so a new figure representing the Christ child was created, 'Christkindl' (Christ child in English). She was an angelic-like figure all in white, with or without wings. In some tales she accompanies Weihnachtsmann, assisting him with gift-bringing; others believed she traveled alone.

Christkindl's gentle appearance was not a threat to misbehaving children; therefore she required the assistance of the 'Dark Helpers': Knecht Ruprecht of Germany, Krampus and Cert from Central Europe among others.

When Santa couldn't make it to the troops in the First World War at Christmas time, Christkindl came as a substitute.

In North America, by mid 19th century, the mispronunciation of 'Christkindl' led to another name for Santa; 'Kris Kringle'.

9" (23 cm) - $70
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a small child with blond hair, a crown and 
long white gown