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Santa Claus - 1808 (Sinterklaas): New Amsterdam (New York)
Santa Claus 1808 ingreen coat and wide brimmed hat

I n the 1600s, the Dutch brought their St. Nicholas Eve traditions with them when they emigrated to the New World. The name Sinterklaas, (Dutch for St. Nicholas), after years of mispronunciation by English speaking children, evolved into 'Sainty Claus' then 'Santa Claus'.
In the early 1800s, his image was altered from that of a ' Bishop', by American author Washington Irving, to become "a jolly Dutchman with a pipe, wearing baggy pants & broad brimmed hat".

Santa Claus - 1808 (Sinterklaas): 16" (40.5 cm) - $215
Santa Claus - 1808 (Sinterklaas): 28" (71 cm) - $415 (by order only)

Thomas Nast Santa: 1800s, North America
A stout Santa in a short jacket, pants and stocking cap

Inspired by Clement Moore's poem, 'A Visit from St. Nick', this Santa is an interpretation by political cartoonist, Thomas Nast of the 1800s. Unlike the gift-bringer of Mr. Nast's German heritage, 'Pelznickel', this one was a jolly, stout fellow as the poem portrays him. Thomas Nast's pen & ink sketches of this Santa appeared in 'Harper's Weekly' magazine at Christmas for many years; and in his book in 1889, 'Thomas Nast's Christmas Drawings for the Human Race'.
He also originated many of the Santa Legends: Santa's home at the North Pole; the writing of letters to Santa; leaving a snack for Santa and Santa spying on childrens' behaviour throughout the year.

Thomas Nast Santa: 16" (40.5 cm) - $215
Thomas Nast Santa: 28" (71 cm) - $415 (by order only)

Santa Claus: Our Present Day Santa
Santa Claus in fur trimmed red suit

The standard appearance of our modern day Santa was introduced by Norman Rockwell's illustrations in the Saturday Evening Post and in ads for pop by the White Rock Beverages Company in 1915.
In 1931 the Coca-Cola Co® introduced a new advertising campaign which associated their product with Santa Claus and warm, family feelings at Christmas time. They hired Haddon Sundblom, a commercial artist, to create images of Santa featuring a bottle of Coca-Cola® as part of the composition. Mr Sundblom created his posters and magazine ads until the mid 1960s. These images have been used in recent years in televised Coca-Cola® ads at Christmas.

Our Present Day Santa: 16" (40.5 cm) - $215
Our Present Day Santa: 28" (71 cm) - $415 (by order only)

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